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Palmini Hearts of Palm Pasta

Introducing Palmini

Palmini is a low carb pasta alternative made out of Hearts of Palm. When this nutritious plant is cut and cooked in the proper way, you’ll hardly notice the difference!

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Palmini Special Features

How does Palmini taste?

The first thing that you need to know is that Palmini is a low carb alternative. Palmini is made 100% out of Hearts of Palm. Therefore, if you eat it straight out of the can, it will taste like Hearts of Palm with a softer texture.

That being said, when properly rinsed and prepared, the resemblance to your favorite high carb dish is extraordinary. So much so, that some people actually believe they are eating the real thing! With such a low calorie and carb count, it’s a win – win!

Ultimately, you will not know until you try Palmini for yourself! Click Here to purchase today!

Palmini is ideal for everybody!

People looking for a low carb, low calorie product for their diets.

People who want to avoid gluten and are looking for an alternative to pasta and rice.

Diabetics or people on a sugar free diet and looking for a pasta and rice replacement.

ALL food lovers!

What are people saying


Robin Miller
“Palmini is the ideal gluten-free pasta – it’s delicious, nutritious, convenient, and incredibly versatile!”

The Paleo Chef

Mary Shenouda (The Paleo Chef)

First bite after rinsing it, I was like: oh, we’ve got something here. First bite after heating/saucing it up, and several more dish ideas stirred up.

40 Aprons

Cheryl Malik (40 Aprons)

Pasta is no longer a no-no while on Whole30 or keto! Palmini is an amazing veggie-based pasta substitute that will fill the pasta-shaped hole in your heart.

India Yaffe

India Yaffe (POPSUGAR)

The best part of this pasta is that it doesn’t taste rubbery, and it’s a perfect vehicle for sauces. Whether you love cacio e pepe, pesto, vodka sauce, or even pad thai, now you can make them all and still live a healthy, low-carb lifestyle.

Jen Selter

Jen Selter

Palmini Pasta is my favorite! You can never get sick of it as there are so many different recipes to whip up!! For lunch, dinner, or even a snack, I am always in the mood!!.

Palmini offers 100% guarantee on all products and will issue a complete refund once your order is returned. Please track your package to ensure that someone is home during the time of delivery. Once a package is marked as delivered, the order is considered complete. Please make sure that the address entered at checkout is correct.


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